Modern design

Hi all,

This is a picture I made to present a painting. The painting was very colorful and romantic so I wanted to do a room cold and shadeless. I do like what I did (luckily), but I´m very far from a outstanding piece of ArchViz. So if some of you have some good advices, thanks in advance.


Blender 2.71, blender cycle


Quite good. I like the diffuse feel of it (but that’s just personal preference). I guess your focus was to draw attention to the painting by desaturating the colors of the rest of the room, but I feel that it’s a little bland. I don’t know what’s going on with the fireplace though.

Thanks for the comment. I agree it´s too plain and bland. I´m currently thinking to add a curtain moving in the wind on the left side to suggest an open windows. And about the fireplace, it is a metal chrome plate. I thought it was cool, but actually it just look confusing. So I will correct that as well.

Very good. The color scheme is original, and I like it. The proportions seem a bit off though. If you imagine a person in the scene, you would be able to tell that the chair is too short for a person to sit in. If you scaled up the chair it would look a lot better.

Thanks for the comment. I did realize by watching some tutorial made by Andrew Price that my room wasn´t at the right proportion and could look a bit off and thus ruin the picture.

Love the picture and the modeling of the frame. I really like the contrast between the room and the picture. As mentioned, you might consider the proportions. I’m not sure if that fireplace is based in reality or not. Either way, it’s beautiful.

Thanks you. I´m actually working on the picture and I hope I will post soon an improvement following the comments. I´ve to be honest, I did model almost nothing on the scene. I followed professionals advices and download a lot of furniture on 3D warehouse. The frame come from there. I should have mentioned that in the original post, sorry.

I made some change to make the room a bit personal. I wanted to make a room for a 70 years old man, rich and arrogant, so proud of his new painting that I made a room only for it. The room is as cold as the heart of this man ;).