Modern Dream Home

This design illustrates a dream modern home. Two stone block towers support this house, giving it the feeling of floating above ground. The main living spaces are left open plan, with large windowed walls funneling views towards both the front and the back, helping maintain privacy. The windows are also placed to provide features at night, where they will glow brightly against the dark stone construction, enhancing the building’s volume.

Requested spaces for this house were: a living area with kitchen, a hot tub, and a central courtyard. The napkin drawing for this design suggested a tall sculptural tower, serving the dual purpose of reading nook and stair tower, and acting as a central supporting structure.

The colors requested were teal and black. Dark stone was chosen to satisfy this request and give the appearance of solidity. To further maintain unity, the stone blocks go through the interior as well as the exterior. The attached renders realistically portray what the edifice would feel like in the real world. Each took five hours to complete on average, light particles being individually raycast by the Cycles rendering engine.


Architecture design and scene layout is personal work. Trees and grass assets are from botaniq, used under royalty free ownership.

Wall textures and flower assets are from Quixel Bridge, used under free trial.

The sky texture is Kloppenheim 06 by Greg Zaal on HDRI Haven under CC0.

Piano, seats, tables, and couch assets are free assets from Sketchfab and are used under fair use for
educational purposes only.

This is my second proper archviz render, though I have certainly been practicing with Blender much longer. I submitted this as a graphic design project at my college. I am proud of the result, though there are a couple of improvements that could be done with more time; (1) the glass should be rendered with the correct shader; (2) the stone texture repeats very obviously; (3) I tried rendering an evening scene, but my lighting does not feel as realistic as it should; that probably could be fixed with a more accurate HDRI.


These are good. I would suggest in the future to focus on one image to make it great. Besides everything you already pointed out, here are a few more suggestions:

  • the interior should not be blurred as frosted glass would never get used for this type of house
  • textures need another level of depth - procedural dirt, variation, etc overlaid on top of the base textures. Reference photos are good to have while creating a 3d image
  • look into creating a bid more depth in the images with using the mist layer so your background becomes better seperated from your mid ground
  • with the large windows shown, the interior feels either a bit bare, or not subdivided enough into more rooms. I would recommend looking at architectural plans and use them as a reference for typical room sizes.
  • careful with depth of field effect for archviz, as usually the aperture has to be quite narrow to get the building in focus. Having too much DOF could make the images look like scaled models
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