modern GLSL, with openGL ES support for all of blender

The viewport mailing list is now very active, and Brecht and Mike Erwin and PsiFi
Are begining work on the viewport upgrade, which will bring android compatibility!

which will bring android compatibility!

really?!?! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

@BluePrintRandom I suppose this vieport will be the one also replacing bge ? Also where can I find this announcement it sounds pretty interesting :slight_smile:

Since Blender 2.63 you already can compile a player for Android.
If you also want to run scripts you need to install Py4A (I haven tested it with QPython or Kivy) too.
The only problem is that we don’t have a multi touch API. So the only way to get multi touch working is to use a other Python Android compatible multi touch module.

To clarify, I don’t think there are any plans for an Android port. The discussion on the mailing list is only making sure that the current changes to Blender’s OpenGL usage would also be compatible with OpenGL ES (the OpenGL API used by mobile devices). There is a lot more to an Android port than just the OpenGL version.

Also, the current activity is around cleaning up and updating Blender’s current OpenGL usage. In Brecht’s own words regarding the current OpenGL work, “The purpose here is not to add any new features visible to users or even to boost performance much, it’s only about laying the groundwork.” While this work is important and will likely lead to new features in the future, the only users that will notice any changes should be those with video cards that cannot support OpenGL 2.1.

this work is important and will likely lead to new features in the future,