Modern GUI

Hey Community,

i haven’t used the GE for maybe 8 years but for my next project i would like to give it a try, again.
so in the last days i started rexploring the ge and was pretty excited about new features but also a little disapointed about some other stuff (no mobile support, no Physic Based Shading (yet) etc.). But one thing realy realy makes me wonder: what about a modern way to create GUI’s? i mean creating alignments, 9 sliced elements, inputfields… should realy create large texts with geometry?

i know, that sounds a little trivial, but what is a propper way to handle complex UI’s in BGE?

Typically you want a GUI that fits into the look of your game rather than fitting into the look of your OS. Therefore you need to create custom “skins” anyway.

You can use moguri’s BGUI for a better support.

The TextObject supports unicode characters such as ÖÄÜß.
The KeyboardSensor supports mapped keyboard input (when logging key presses). This means the player can input whatever is printed on the keyboard such as ÖÜÄß and #+.

just build what you want as a overlay,

look into creating custom font objects as well,
they can really sell a gui.

pie menu? final fantasy style inventory? code it :slight_smile:

There was recently a gui project in the resources section. You can find it with a search.
The problem with having a built in GUI is that you are pretty much forced to use it. Then you have to bend your project around the limitations of the gui instead of building a gui to fit your project.

hey guys,

iam not talking about a native look/feel of of an ui. i have no problem designing stuff creating a slider or a checkbox. the things i missed the most are layout-stuff and manage onscreen text.

In my opinion a build in system doesnt forces you to anything. Thinking about it as a way of creating semantics, not styling things. Unity does a verry nice job in case.