Modern House

Hello, I made some archviz renders.


Nice, looks very good, I can see your put some serious work in this!

I don’t know if your intention with showing this is just for the showcase or if you are interested in opinions on the renders as well.

In case you are, I have two opinions that I would have done differently (otherwise, ignore this comment).

  1. In the second image, all the lights indoor are on despite it’s midday and the sun is even shining outside. While this is of course not technically wrong, it is usually more common to showcase archviz with the lights off if it’s midday.

  2. This one is really just a pure opinion, but I think modern houses like this one are best showcased in a tropical enviroment with palms, square houses belongs more natural there (look at Spain for example, square shaped houses are quite common there).

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!