Modern House

My approach to the topic modern house.
It’s an expanding idea which includes more than one picture also an interior project but for now other shots are in progress.
For now it’s a finished practice picture wers I was focused on exterior.
C&C are always welcome,


Wow! Very Impressed! I love this Archviz! How did you do the foliage/trees?

*kyaustad- thank You very much for kind words. trees in the background are not modeled. It’s a cylinder with texture on it. The texture is partially transparent (over trees) which allows hdri map to be visible and to cast shadows. The tree in the foreground is a part of bonus models included in architecture academy. I believe that it was made with blender sapling but I’m not sure.
Grass I made with two particle systems. One with grass bleeds and one with flowers which was modeled on the separate layer and used as a base to particle system.

This is very nice indeed, you landscaping great. The only thing I can suggest is maybe add some more furnishing / decorative items inside the house.

*harleynut97- thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t work on interior for this one. I have an idea but it required some time to be finished. And here I went for minimalism to focus on exterior.
*rombout- thanks for your opinion. Yes, I think that with this tree something went wrong :slight_smile: I think that I accidently moved branches in other way than the root. Or the model itself is made wrong. I will look into it. Thanks for pointing this out.


also, there is some grass growing through the walkway at the base of the stairs, but nothing to serious.

This actually was nade on purpose :wink:

nice image.nice translucency of leaves.

uehm… the gardener was on vacation so there was no one to check control the weeds :wink:

*rusted- thanks

From my point of view, as classic once said: “the key to perfection is in imperfection” so everything which I try to make is made on purpose.
In nature nothing is clean and tidy even if a man tries to subdue it. Nature, as opposed to the computer world, is analog and attempt to reflect the natural chaos is the ultimate key to the realism.
There is nothing more difficult and more beautiful in 3d world than trying to reflect nature in its full glory with all those “imperfections”.

best, paulina

nice work! I like the image in general, may I ask you what render engine did u use? blender render or cycles?

  • novena- I used Blender 2.70a and Cycles.

Really nice work.What did u use for detailing the floor?Bump or normal maps or u used displacemnt maps only?

Hi melvi. The floor is a simple plane. I used a diffuse material with textures on it and combine it with normal texture.On top of it is bump texture which is just black lines on white background. I’ve also used different .png texture to make those dirty parts.

hi…is this the floating house??? or the structure is as it is seen in here…cantilevered ???
grass looks greats…

Hello *rakesh087s, thanks. The house is supported on continuous footings, in this view the structural columns are not visible. And one side of the house is supported on an elevated area. The grass is just two particle systems. :slight_smile: