Modern House

What do you guys think, any critiques.

I think the render needs a bit more samples. It grainy.
The grass also seems to pop out from the concrete tiles in the front.

Apart from those remarks, I like it a lot.
I like the house and it’s inviting.

More light.


i would also lower the camera so that it is at eye level and not from the top of a step ladder.

nice work so far looks promising.

Glad you like it,

I want to fix the grass and boost the samples, but this render took 9 hours to render. So I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Yeah I think it looks a lot better brighter.
I’ve been staring at it for so long I didn’t even notice how dark it was.

The camera in exactly 6 ft (1.8 meters) of the ground. I tried to make the scene to scale but, I think I made everything too small.

I think it has coldish colors. More lighten render would be good.Btw: Another good ArchViz!

cool… particularly shadow…

That’s probable. For reference a floor (as in first floor, second floor, etc) should be 3 mts tall