Modern House

This modern house is my first render ever using blender. I am looking for some constructive criticism that may help the photo become more realistic. Thank you

Hi dude, for a first render this is great. It’s usually difficult for beginners to get lighting right, and also advanced users too. If youryour wanting photorealism, check out a tutorial on realistic textures on YouTube from a guy called Blender Guru (Andrew Price).

Here’s a list for you:

Use a HDRI for the Sky, I’d recommend the HDRI pack created by Andrew Price.

Use PBR texturing.

Watch some tutorials on grass.

Use Bump (or Normal) maps, reflection maps, and AO maps as well as the diffuse as image. Mix these in the node editor and your end product will be 10x more realistic.

Feel free to message me for more tips, I’d be happy to share.

Also, are you using Cycles or Blender Render?

Thanks for the input my friend, I’ve been watching some tutorials from Andrew and will continue to do so.
This render was done in Cycles.

To the list of Charlie A I would add something different. And that is architectural realism. Where could a window start, how low to the ground can they stay, how close to an edge should be put.

Lighting is crucial, and by using HDR in your environment, the result will change.

For instance, windows will reflect something more:

I do not like how the windows look, to be honest… But that is just me. There are either to many small rectangular windows instead of just one or two… Or the frame is to thick. I would go for a more sexy thin frame. Perhaps you just scaled one in different sizes and there is the variation that you have. In normal condition, you order from the same supplier when so many are needed.

Go more bold and envision the garage windows differently. Perhaps stained glass could be an option.

Like an icy leaves model/pattern:

If you wish to stick with what you have, try making a dawn-time render, with clever positioned spots on the house, and inside lighting that will bring realism back to the table.

Hope this helped. And good job for you render :yes: