Modern Interior Design

(Sebastian Zapata) #1

I’m done with this project. A comfortable modern living room for the BC Architectural rendering contest. Here is the result :

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Here are some close ups :

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(VickyM72) #2

Looks great! Best of luck in the contest :slight_smile:

(Sebastian Zapata) #3

Hey, VickyM72!. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(bossestrenders) #4

Nice :slight_smile: Good scene and overall composition. Best of luck in the contest!

(Marcus Pinto) #5

Lookd great indeed, nice composition! If i could change something would be the apple size. Good luck!

(Sebastian Zapata) #6

Thanks, bossestrenders! :smiley:

(Saif Mohamd) #7

Great, looks really comfy and calm and peaceful, wish I can be there.

One question: What is your lighting ?

Good luck in contest.


Saif Mohamd.

(Sebastian Zapata) #8

Hi, Saif. Thank you for all your good wishes.

My lighting : HDR and Sun lamp. The shadow size is 60cm. :slight_smile:

(dns_di) #9

Looks awesome, is it cycles?

(Sebastian Zapata) #10

Hi, Marcus. Thank you. About apple size… I agree with you.


Sebastián Zapata. :slight_smile:

(Sebastian Zapata) #11

Hello dns_di. Yes, it’s the cycles rendering engine.

(andrew.504) #12

Wow! Looks really great! 5 stars for you. :smiley:

(Sebastian Zapata) #13

Thanks, andrew.504! :smiley:

(Platon) #14

60cm for Sun-Lamp are too much.
7-5mm (for real size object) are correct.

(Sebastian Zapata) #15

I don’t care the size, I care how it looks. So if it looks as i expected it to look, everything is fine. If someone says the shadow size of the sun is 7mm it doesn’t mean that every time you put a sun in a scene it must to have 7mm of size. For that reason, the shadow size is a variable, not a constant. So you can fake the weather. Come on! it’s art.


Sebastián Zapata

(Peter18) #16

This looks really nice!

I’m curious, are you an Architecture Academy student? Looks like its well worth its money if you are :smiley:

Good luck in the competition

(Sebastian Zapata) #17

Thank you very much, peter18!. Not, I’m not an architecture academy student. That’s the reason I’m in the contest. I want to be an architecture academy student. All I’ve learned has been by my own.

(JB_in_TW) #18

Very nice. How to get background images to work?

Whats the ax? From this angle, I am guessing Ibanez?

(Sebastian Zapata) #19

Hi, @JB_in_TW.

The background image is an environment texture.

The ax?? What you mean? I’m guessing the guitar, if so, It’s an Ibanez. :slight_smile:

(RobJ504) #20

Wow! This is awesome! I love the wall!