Modern Interior MeetMy3d

Hello BlenderArtists!

It is my first Yafaray project in Blender. Lets check alpha version in ClayRender. I am waiting for feedback, tips, ideas and critism! :wink:

best regards!

First postprocessed version! :slight_smile:

High resolution:

Looks like an interesting space! The dof seem to be to intense to me.

The stairs don’t look like they could support a lot of weight.

Yea, the stairs really throw me off. But the rest of the scene is very good.

Some details in the upstairs would probably add a lot to the image.

thx guys!

yep i added too much DOF :). Stairs are designed by architect and i cannot change anything like that :slight_smile:

Beta2 version : i just changed DOF settings and postprocess…

high resolution :

is it better? gimme me feedback how to improve that ;).

I think the work is nice but there is a kind of blur overall.