modern interior viz

made in blender.

What do u think about it?

design- Innovattio Architektura


very good, it’s made with cycles or lux, octane?

Excellent job!
Probably on of the best Archviz seen on the forum!

Please provide some more info, like machine specs, render engine, settings, time, original resolution maybe your set-up…so we can have something to discuss (and learn), apart from staring at your renders:eyebrowlift2:

Evermotion front page, great images.
Hard to guess but i think that’s octane:)

Looks very realistic! Nice job!

I think it’s a great job,the couche and the cover are done in MD,All in cycles?

Beutiful pictures matelek! Great design as well! Congrats, 5 :wink:

Excellent design, congrats :slight_smile:

Great work. Perhaps tell the occupants to make the bed before the photo shoot next time :wink:

Congrats, great work!

The floor and ceiling shine are a tad unreal, but very convincing in the scheme of the design.
And the light though excessive also is convincing in emphasizing the fenestration and the qualities of the materials.
I wouldn’t change either, realism fidelity aside.

At the same time the touches of “carelessly” situated objects, convey a space already occupied, lived-in : the unmade bed, the lift in the rug, the flowers arranged, the open magazine, the shoes, etc. In so doing the tad unreal becomes tangible, familiar.
The camera focus caps it off : the residents have gone someplace a moment ago and we are there peeping through the lense.
Great stuff !

Things that would educate me, if you want to share are :

  • Your lighting setup. The sources and their intensities.
  • I like the way you handle fabrics and upholstery (bedcover, rugs, cushions, couches) giving them the creases and bumps that they would naturally have. Do you use the blender physics? to you “paint” them?
    Specifically did you lift the rug by pinning the mesh edges and lifting with physics? Did you drop the cover on the bed, physics? How did you crease the matress base, the couch…
  • Is this Cycles? any compositing or other post-processing?

Thanks for sharing your images.

Very interested in knowing what the lighting was for this , as well as how long it took to render

Very nice work !

Would it be possible to share the blend, so as to be used as a case study ?

Excellent Very Good!!! You even modeled all the elements of the scene?

Nearly perfect. Mood, colors, light, framing, all amazing. Look closely to the full size image and it’s hard to find a mistake.
You are good man.

pls! can you put some screen of setting and wireframe?

very beautiful;)

Great job matelek. Especially I love how you have used white in your scene, it’s everywhere but in the same time all pictures are detailed and even over burned parts looks very realistic. It can’t be Cycles, right? How you have handeled antialiasing issues between pure white and contrasting objects? If this is Cylces, then how many samples it was rendered? Could you share how your light setup looks like?
Anyway, great renders! :slight_smile:

Thank u for all comments. Its nice to hear so many good reviews. Ill try to answer in a few post for your all question.

  1. Rendered in Octane
  2. I rather never use emisive plane behind the window or someting like that. In this scene i have only sun light, no hdri map, I was playing with setting… needed several hours to be satisfied of this simply sun light.
    3.Of course i render on GPU - gtx780ti x2 and quadro k4000 i think it enough for me for static render.

ill upload stereoscope render for oculus.

Why are there advertising links and links to adult sites between your pictures? I’m surprised this site allows this. Please show your wireframe a to prove this isn’t just an excuse to posts links.

I suspect it is the image hosting site being used. I know some forums do not allow using links from this host site because of previous issues like this.

The links have been removed. If they were originally the OPs images then they would need to be added back by them