Modern Interior

Hey guys

I created this scene over the course of about 3 days. The plan was to make something modern, eye catching and simple enough to fit into a tutorial :wink:

Here it is:

Render time was about 30 mins @ 1920x1080p, 1500 samples.

Here’s the tutorial:
How to Make a Modern Interior

Interested in hearing your thoughts!

Awesome, love it. I’ll definitely be watching the tutorial later. Can’t wait to see how you did the lighting.

Somehow I think that white wall off to the left (in the hallway) would be better with a painting on it though, but I’m not sure how distracting that would be to the main focus.

Hey Andrew, thanks a lot for your tutorials! I’m a big fan of them, very clear explanations. Keep them coming! :slight_smile:

Great pic overall, lighting looks great! :slight_smile: Not sure I am feeling whatever that is on the right side, it kind of looks out of place, and it obviously needs more samples :smiley: I’ve always liked pics with the curtains blowing inwards, but maybe it needs a few more bends(sculpts) in it. Really cool mat on the curtain, and everything else for that matter. Great stuff, and thanks for the tut! :slight_smile:

Like the blue theme :), really attractive lighting.

Very nice scene, as usual !
The lighting is nice, the wind effect in the curtain and the plaid bring some life in it.
However, I wouldn’t have chosen this kind of couch to fit a modern interior, but I assume it is a matter of personal taste :slight_smile:

At first i thought the same as VickyM72 but actually after looking at it and spending time looking at the rooms spacing and dimensions i actually think that the curtain is great… maby if it were slightly whiter and less bright it would look spot on, other than that its pretty much perfect. Cant wait to watch and study them texture node setups and lighting :smiley: :smiley:

color gradient is great

Wow! Looks really nice!

Love it! Really eye catching.

Thanks guys! Always nice to hear positive feedback :slight_smile:

@VickyM72 I actually agree that the brightness of the curtain makes the image unbalanced. I experimented with variety of different ideas and placements, but due to time constraints had to publish as is. I’d love to have spent another day figuring out a solution, but that’s deadlines I guess :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps all it needs is lower brightness, and less wind :wink:

Hi Andrew, I feel the Sofa is shrunken in widthwise… But I love the Blue Screen.

Another awesome Scene/Tutorial Andrew! :smiley: I’ll have to check it out and try it. I’m still catching up on your others! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, only a half hour render? What’s the best kind of GPU and CPU for Cycles? I’m using my home computer and I can’t use it too much, and it’s not that powerful. I would like to build or buy a computer that’s good with blender.