Modern Interior

Hi guys, so this is the last project I’ve been working on I took me like a week or so to create all of it. It didn’t turned out much as I planned, but w/e.
Critiques are always welcome

Hope you like it, here’s a higher quality DeviantArt link.


its too dark I think, at least for me it would be too dark to live in :smiley:
maybe the surface you sit on of the couch is too wide.
But over all it is a really cool scene, I love the wall with the branches :slight_smile:

It almost feels the branch is creeping into the scene from the corner, as if it’s about to snatch someone. I think showing where it was growing from would have been a more comfortable option. Also, what exactly is going on in the upper left corner of the image? Is that a window to another room, a painting, or a mirror? :confused: It’s kind of confusing. Most of this image is pretty, though the darkness should have been broken a little with some grays and browns to save the day. Browns would have been good to compliment the floor… I’d say for the rug. a black table on a black rug is just incredibly intimidating. Now of course, if I was invited into this room in person, all these critiques would only apply after I’ve been in there for a few weeks, when I’d be nitpicking everything, as I am now. :DDid you model everything yourself?

I’ve always heard black walls and ceilings are bad for interior design also when ever your going to use black in a scene try to avoid pitch black as a materiel. Looks finished though :D.