I Was Doing a late Night Render and this Just Happened Please Critique! This was Made In cycles :eyebrowlift:

very grainy, given I’m not using cycles in my work, I couldn’t tell you the adjustment needed, it looks very clean as far as the design, I do think it needs some signs of life, books, artwork on the wall, maybe a window? keep it up!!

Thank You Its super Grainy Because I didn’t render it long enough the grains will come out with time

one word: Textures!

Looks nice so far, but watch the specularity on the cushions, right now they look a bit like plastic. Otherwise, just throw in some textures and perhaps add lighting to the lamp and it would look great.


What Should I Texture?

Heres my next try

Please I would Love to Here Anything you have to say About this! :smiley:

heres my third Try Please Critique!!!

Work on shininess of things. Material is not clear. Table, and Shelves need to be shiny like the floor or chair. Chair leg looks flimsy. May be put a painting or poster on the wall?

Thanks Ridix
worked on the shininess

Totally Redid the beds And pillows they know look 5x better Please keep the critiques coming! :smiley:
Please Ignore the grainyness!


Updated the photo here it is I added A rug and the painting and deleted the shelfs

Please Critique Hard!!! Even if its small Please Critique!!! :smiley:

window kind of looks like a painting, ad some glass effects or something.

Thank you for the critique I will work on that

You said critique hard, so I will :wink: I’ve got to admit I’m jealous of how good you are compared to when I was your age using blender… I’m not even sure I could do something this good now.

The last one overall looks cool :slight_smile: The pillows look extremely stiff, though. Also, I see some weird stuff in the bed sheets. I would either model and sculpt the pillows manually, or use a simulation. For the sheet, I’d increase the subdivision and tweak the cloth simulation (or add it if you aren’t using it already). Also, the rug looks like it could use some gravity simulation, too.

Other than what was already mentioned about the window, there is some light coming between the window frame and the wall on both the left and right sides.

If I wanted to be really picky, the painting doesn’t quite look right. It looks a cross between wrapped canvas and a framed picture. If you are going for the canvas look, I suggest you look up some reference pictures. For framed, made the frame border thicker. Although I see what you are trying to do, it may help to make the scene look more photo-realistic.

I have to say nice job, but there are a few things about the image that need work.

  1. The window looks a lot like a painting.

  2. The room doesn’t seem personalized, or messy, or really kiddish enough to be passed for a “modern kids room”. Maybe add a TV, or a game console(nobody plays Wii anymore though) or a few posters.

  3. The floor texture could use a displacement map.

  4. The bedsheets are a bit too smooth, and would benefit from having the fluffiness found in the rug.

  5. The room is too… clean. Most of my friends have rooms that look like chicken****.

It’s really good right now, but it needs some more detail.

Add some baseboard along the transition between the walland the floor. To me, it looks kind of awkward without it, but that might just be me. Also, the ceiling seems like it needs something as well. Maybe a hanging lamp or a ceiling fan could help. Fix the window as well and it looks good to me!

The main problem is that you haven’t looked at a reference while modelling, so all your dimensions are wrong :frowning:

If you are modelling based on your room, take a tape measure and get some dimensions, or match it to a photo- your chair looks about half the hight of your room, whereas mine is less than a third…
don’t be lazy with your modelling if you’re going for realism, the details count! Things like the sheets look wrong (too flat, no creases) and the chair has been too heavily subsurfed (take advantage of creases CTRL+E).

On the positives, your rug looks awesome :slight_smile:

Nice job,
From the first render, what looks wrong to me is the chair. Its centre of gravity is way out of place, as if the slightest touch would make it fall over backwards. Thickening the legs was a good start but not enough. The base of the legs (the feet?) needs to be wider apart by comparison to the seat.
Keep up the good work!