modern kitchen shot

So here is my render of a modern kitchen.

This was on tough one to render on my old laptop.

Took me full 60 hours on 3000 samples.

then guess what? 1 Object was hidden for render (the window), without coming to attention till the end. Now I rerendered the part and put the two images together. It’s slightly viewable on the image, I will ask someone who got photoshop to smooth the border out… :stuck_out_tongue:

But here is the image anyway.

I put a lot of effort in realistic materials, hope you guys like it.
everything is modeled and textured by me.

regards nik

Materials look great, your effort into making realistic materials paid off.

Especially like the leather of the stools and the wood textures.
I think there is still some noise considering u rendered it at 3000 samples. Maybe its just me.

The only thing i think that’s missing is a light above the kitchen. The little spots aren’t nearly enough for a kitchen.

Just a small remark for the rest everything looks great.

Very nice. As Bart says materials are great. I looked at the high res earlier today, and was impressed, but somehow BA isn’t letting me open it any more. Very nice work SirNik.

So clean! Love that reflection on the glass! Nice work!

Thank you for the nice words. @Bart the kitchen is actually based of an real photograph and it seems that there are no more light viewable from this angle.