Modern kitchen with bits in

It’s a kitchen. With bits in. Modelled in Blender 2.59 and rendered in Octane, hence all the noise. It takes a bazillion samples to get rid of the noise, since there is little direct lighting, so currently for this scene to become noise-free you need a supercomputer.

I cheated a little and added some spots near the camera (they are cropped out of the to of the shot).

Reference images are from here:

So, can the colour be improved? Can the lighting be improved?


You could add some direct lighting. Why not place a sun outside the room, and/or an area light at the window?

Also, its probably not relevant for a day time render, but why not add some ceiling lights? Its surely insane to design a kitchen with no lighting.

A big problem with using someone else’s render as a reference for a photo-real render, is you can’t say what the lighting in the space really looks like.

I wanted to capture that look of the original (which does not strike me as being a render, BTW). I already have added lights, but not over the worktops, obviously.

Perhaps you are right; more lights it is and let’s see how that turns out.

I could be wrong, and happy if i am - its so hard to tell sometimes, but the exterior plants don’t look natural. :slight_smile:

…and the lack of ceiling lights. If it is real I can’t figure out how they light it at night. Illumination for the work areas seems missing. Also, I don’t see the photographer reflected anywhere.

The sunlight streaming through the window would be a great source for blue and yellow light. The color-temperatures of the various lighting sources would then begin to present some interesting challenges for you, depending on how authentic you want the lighting to get. Look up a chart of color temperatures of various lighting sources and the RGB values that are appropriate for them. (Be sure that the charts are built for linear color-spaces and do not have gamma precomputed into them.)

Cake from the kitchen.


Another render.