Modern Kitchen

Hey everybody,
So I have this test render here, and I know it needs a lot of work, and I was hoping you guys could critique it. I am currently working onn things for the back counter so it is not so empty, as well as the window. If you could help the would be greatly appreciated. Critque to your heat’s content!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, good start!

First of all i’d work on the light, after installing, it will be easier to work on textures etz… The Tap on the right side seems too big, just like the steam thing and the lamp on the left.
I dont know how other people handle light but i usually place a spotlight at the position of the lamp which makes it easier to handle…
Are the chairs too big or the countertop too low? And should the countertop hang out on the left side?

Have fun :slight_smile:

A new render. I rearranged everything so it fits better. I am currently working on the proportion of the fridge and I am aware of the strange reflection in the bottom right corner of the oven, which has since been fixed.Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!:eyebrowlift::smiley:

Update: oven fixed, and refrigerator is now mostly scaled.

Added missing handle bar, as well as some acesorries to make it look lived in.