Modern Living Room ArchViz

Hello everyone,

This is my very first attempt of making a living room.
I was inpsired by a photo on instagram, but general style of the picture came from my mind.

I used a lot of ref pic for the lamps and the stuff on the wall.

I know there is a lo to to improve for examlpe lighting could be better, even some materials.

I’ll post here to get some good critiques in order to improve, i’ll wait your feedback :wink:

PS: There are many other shot but i cannot attach more than three images, if you are intrested i can link the ArtStation project in PM.


Your scene is looking a bit bland. There needs to be some slightly brighter, more colourful object that serves as the focal point of the render.

There are some places (such as the coffee table and lamp shade) which have sharp edges. Bit too unrealisticly sharp. Add a really slight bevel to them. (Unless you want the person living there to get injuries when touching those pieces of furniture.)

I also noticed your globe is not tilted, like they usually are.
If we look at the histograms of the images, a lot of color space is empty. Contrast can be increased dramatically without loosing any detail. That alone can make it more interesting to look at. It is not bad at all as a first attempt. I like the plants a lot. Pillows and soft furniture could use more work though.