Modern Living Room - EEVEE

My first serious attempt in eevee.
I was really impressed how far you can get without bother with the irradiance maps - just AO and lights.
Each picture was rendered about 40 sec with GTX 1080TI.

C&C are welcome!


Woah nice render in EEVEE! I like the fabric and overall colour scheme. Were all textures done in Blender?

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Just a minor thing: wonder why bottle of wine does not interact properly with table glossy top…

None of the texture procedural, just simple image maps. The shaders are quite basic - diffuse, roughness and bump maps for the most of them.

Thank you!
I don’t really know what the issue with the bottle, it’s botherd me a lot…
I guess that it has to do with the bottle transprency, but I will look into it again later.

Ah I see. I love it when simple but good works :slight_smile:

No offence, just noticed flower bottle behaves different/reflections, irradiance/, it must have been Eevee’s issue…

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

Wow, cool! Thanks!

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