Modern Office Interior

This is a rendering i did for my internship. I spent over 50 hours on this, as it was the first blender rendering that I have made to be good enough for a client presentation. If it were up to me, i would have spent 50 more hours perfecting it.


blender + yafray + photoshop

I’ve modelled everything in these images myself.

The hardest aspects in these renderings were the overall lighting quality and the pendant in the lounge area. The space is not supposed to have too much artificial lights, and giving off that feeling without adding filler lights was a challenging. The pendant still does not read as well as i would like it to. It is , made out of smoky glass with aluminum hardware and it is supposed to glow softly throughout. I don’t know how to do that and not end up with a pendant with internal reflection and opacity that creates a washed out feeling.

Feedback & constructive criticism greatly appreciated

great modell 4 stars

Don’t get me wrong, I think the modelling and general lighting are nice but there are some problems, though.

Like the quality of the renders, as you say…did you use high quality settings in Yafray already? It really looks like a low quality GI or too less photons used or something, maybe you can do something here? Also, especially the second render looks extremely blurry. Might be the textures? In the first render, I personally think that the reflective materials are too reflective, like the chair’s chrome or the floor - I’d turn that down a bit. There’s also a weird thing with the lighting about the table in front of the kitchen - it look slike the light from the lamp would pass right through the table - it might be correct but it looks a bit weird.

Other than that, I do think that is pretty good and wish you good luck with the job!


I blurred that 2nd image on purpose in photoshop because of some artifact issues. i did use high quality settings and had a good number of photons, however i was really pressed for time, and I did not take into account the amount of trial and error the final renderings would take. But as much as i did play with the yafray settings, I still ended up getting some artifacts and unusual dark spots.

I enjoy these immensly(I love modern architecture and design images)
4 stars