Modern Scene. (: car model needed :)

Hey guys, after the loss of the Kvar model i started working on, i decided to bounce back on a less organic note, but i didnt wnat to make a machine, so i decided to make an enviroment with architectural focus.
seein as this projects focus is architectural, i decided to start with making the building. i am not finished but after long conviction with myself i thought posting here would get me the advice i required


car model textured with blenders material editor is needed anyoine willing to contribute please just psot a blend file



like it, aldo some thing look out of scale . or is that yust me ?

The rails on the deck seem out of scale, I would replace them with a simple two or three bars that wrap around the whole thing. Nice job otherwise!


here is an update, i tryed to work on the proportion alot more.

here is the building from the back the proportion looks strange from here because one floor (two windows up) looks like two

and finally another angle



How do you get that look of the model, what lighting?

Nice model! I think the reason the porportions look out of place is because it looks like a very small 3 story building. In other words the square footage for the building is far smaller than what we are accustomed to seeing. If you were to widen and lengthen the building (not make it taller, only adjust the sides) it would scale better and be more “realistic” to the viewers eye. IMHO.

Great work, I love the materials!

HEHE i told him that in #blenderchat

Nice work so far i would say!

ok i should amke it wide without increasing the height

Lighiting was kinda simple actually, it wa sjust two lights, one at the top being a sun and the one near the camera , a lamp. i also put ambient occulsion with these setting, Use distences, plain, both, smaples=15

note moving the sone around can get light shining at differenmt angles… i used now spotlights, but shadows were still good with a sun.

hey guys i really need help… im not sure what type of building materails i should use for wals, etc… ur advice is highly need at this point… thanks

i would really like one of the mini-tutes right now on doing sandy stone textures in blender :slight_smile:

This is essentially a bump, since noone has answered your question and I don’t know how to make materials. Well, I know how to make them, I just don’t know how to make anything useful. :smiley:

Use the edit button next time :wink:

well here is the first one i think the balcony is quite good but im not sure about the patchy walla

and here is the second, bad balcony, better wall maybe? what do u think?

Edit: look here is an update with no Ambient Occulsion ill do an ambient occulsion render with the start if the scene i think these are the textures im going with…

this is another distress call, i really dont know what the scene
should look like

this is nice!!


scene coming soon

sorry to fill the page with images… but here is another update…

I still think those rails are too big on the roof. :smiley:

I think the main problem with this scene is that we have no point of reference for the scale of the builing. Either it’s a small building and the rails are OK, or it’s a large building and the rails are too big. I suggest placing some for a point of reference to the scene, like a bench, car, person, whatever is easily identifiable and very common, and basically the same size everywhere. Park benches are all basically the same size… anyway, just a suggestion.

i was thinking of placing a car in the drive way :0

nice work