Modern Sculpture

Hello, I’d like some serious feedback of my sculpture render here. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it doesn’t look photorealistic. Something’s missing. Something crucial.
Is it the excessive DOF? Or the perspective between the background and the foreground. Or maybe the material/texture isn’t right.
Here is the setup (not sure if it is clear)
And here is my previous attempts, which I knew the lighting was off and had to change the background. Plus I think I added too many filters!
Any tips/criticisms are welcome.

My 2 cents, light light light and bit uv texture look weird on some part

try to make you lights scene with background pic :slight_smile:

Well, there is a diagonal line below the topmost “box” that belies the presence of underlying geometry … but, actually, this could be seen as an acceptably realistic photograph of a sculpture, partly because the lighting situation with that bright background is very difficult. Envisioning what I might have to do to pull-off such a shot in the real world, well, it just might look a lot like it does now. The most important thing is that the exposure on the sculpture is clean and believable, and the depth-of-field (I would want to put everything-else out of focus) is also believable. The lighting on the sculpture would be artificial; the color-temperature therefore would be different, a bit bluish. As it is. The texture of the sculpture is believable, and the handling of the flowing water at the base (including the relative darkness of this area) “rings true.”

Therefore, I would suggest that … you did it! :yes: The “slightly odd look” that you see here is consistent, IMHO, with what you would have to be satisfied with in a real-world photo of this object in this setting.

Thanks for the feedback! I guess it is the lighting that is messing it up… I need to do more experimenting :\

I probably shouldn’t talk, but here’s my take:

-the top of the ‘top box’ looks a little off. I think it’s just the angle, but it looks like there is just an edge across the top, and no mass behind the edge. Maybe deform that part so the viewer can see more of the geometry above this?
-can you break up the lines on the right side? When I think of stone, I think it’ll be coarse and covered in bumps, but these look a little too perfect. The more I look at this, the more it looks like you might have done this a bit. I’d say just exaggerate the curves to break up that ‘straight line’ look.

  • I do think you’re close to photorealism though- if this popped up in google images rather than BA, I wouldn’t think twice about it unless I really studied the image. Good work so far.

The new lighting set up really brought the material out. Great call.

I would’ve said just soften the edges in Gimp for the first one…