Modern Seat / Industrial Design

Hey guys, this time i’m coming with some conceptual renderings for one of the future collection from my furniture store

Simple concept, a snare based seat, i’m hoping to have a real prototype until february, lets see how it comes out

Nothing fancy on the making itself, done in a couple hours, the challenge was to make the diamond pattern on the leather follow the cylindrical profile while fits with the hardware

For this i fitted the pattern into a small part of the cylinder in a way that can be arrayed by 360 degrees, similar to the process of doing a tire for a wheel

Here’s the wireframe:

The shading was relatively simple too, some texture maps linked to the glossiness spec on the glossy shader, some procedural noise to blend textures and multiple layers of gloss shaders controlled by fresnel and facing parameters for added realism

Hope u enjoy, comments & crits are welcome, show your opinions, it will be surely helpful!
Any questions feel free as aways :wink:

awww, just for contextualization, i’m the guy who models the giant DW kit, also parts of this model were reused from there

i have some “fresh” renders of them as well, here are some: :wink:

(not rendered properly, might contain artifacts and/or noise, but whatever :smiley: life is hard bitch )

in these renders you can see the diference from a shader only surface to a full textured, these hardwares look way more convincing and appealing in the late renders (from first post)

these renders are actually from almost a year (not really)

this is why we must aways keep studying

Your seat design is awesome, Sepultura! Awesome materials and beautiful lighting and compositing. Thanks as well for the explanation on how the nodes are setup! The leather looks real enough to touch (or taste!).

Awesome job, and the drum set is very cool as well!

Hey, thanks man, glad you’ve liked it!

The key for leather was blend slightly different patterns using procedural textures as the factor, and a second glossy shader for the subtle reflections linked to a fresnel parameter, assign different bump maps for each glossy/diffuse node was something interesting also to create nice irregularities

Thanks for the comments :wink:

Very sweet! I love it. :slight_smile:

Really nice :slight_smile: and crazy feeling :slight_smile: Like it

Thanks guys, glad you’ve liked it!

Nice modeling and texturing. Good work.

Snare seat - cool idea :slight_smile:

Beautiful shading and lighting, good job!

Thanks guys! <3
now it’s time to make it real~~