Modern Spacious Interior

Hey fellas! Just wrapped up my latest project, an interior room inspired by the Denver Art Museum.

Rendered with LuxCoreRender using it’s new Global Illumination Caching features. Very cool stuff, and really speeds the process up! Also, LuxCore has viewport denoising with Intel’s AI denoiser, so that helps speed up the lighting workflow a lot.

Here’s the artstation link for a little breakdown:


nice work !!!, it reminded me of mirrors edge

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That’s really nice.

Is it lit by an hdri or area lights? And how does it compare to cycles?

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Thank you! Lit by area lights, wanted to have as much control as i could. I haven’t done a render with it with Cycles, but i expect that someone could get almost identical results. Because this is a pretty easy scene for the computer to render, almost any engine could do a good job :grinning:

The differences between engines become more apparent/important when dealing with more complex lighting situations or advanced materials etc.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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