Modern Style Room

I am new to blender, love every bit of it and would like to improve my skills. So far i have done most of my work with modeling and very little with animation. I have been working on this room for about two days on and off. Any advice from other artist/blenderist would be great! I can try to upload the file later if wanted. I have been having a problem with noise in my renders and everywhere I look says adjust the seed and a few other things but I am not fully sure how to make these adjustments to better the look.

im guessing that its cycles? Its not bad, but con considering the lighting outside, the room is too dark. Add a sun lamp and make it so it is coming through the balcony window. This will give you nice shadows (set the lamp size to 0.10) and also a nice light effect. Also, if this is cycles as i suspect, try this for the floor material…

also, make the glass a little thicker on the table! and maybe set it off with a chrome edging :wink:

Thanks for the fast feedback, any suggestions on the noise in the rendering.

I have only been working with 3d modeling for about two weeks so I am trying to cram as much knowledge in my head as I can.

if this is cycles, click on the render settings on the right (camera symbol) and the find where it says sampling, or samples (on older builds it says integrator or something) and change the samples from 10 to 200 to start with…and change preview value to 0 so that when you click rendered in the viewport, it will render until you stop it :slight_smile:

I usually try to render at a minimum of 200 due to the cruddy computer.

Here is an updated file.

Here is the newest Image

Looks nice, especially the colors. But the sun points to a wrong direction. Its normal daytime, so the sun has to point more down, so that it can shint through the holes in the roof. It wold also look better in my opinion when the sun wouldnt shine straight from left to right, but would be turned along the z axis, so that it would shine more into the room.