Modern swimming pool room

Hey, I spent a while sketching up some modernish pool room designs and then got to blending!

It’s concrete mainly, with wooden planks for the window panels and some accents. The area on the right will have a couple pool chairs and a side table. Above that area will be a couple skylights. For a night render I will also include lights on the ceiling, in the hallway, and around the pool area. After that I’d like to add some towels and some sculpture art, as well as other small details.

For reference, the ceiling height is around 8ft, and other dimensions are based off that.


Added glass panes
Added displacement mapped plane to create pool water surface
Added skylights

I think next I might take some time to try a little texturing. Right now it’s kind of hard to see the wood-concrete style.

Here’s 42 minutes in Luxrender:


I can get that result with cycles in less than 5 seconds(lux is sloooow). lol pretty cool room though, add some objects, plants,lights,colors,vases

Oh, just read your first post…lol

Yeah, I hadn’t ever really given Luxrender a try. I like it, but it is certainly verrrryyy slow. I tried cycles once but not really enough to see its capabilities, maybe I’ll check it out again while I’m in progress.

I think next I’ll add in some sort of skylight above the pool. I want to brighten the back of the room a little more with natural light. I will also add lamps at various spots though for night time pool enjoyment!

Here’s 48 minutes in Lux with textures on the wood surfaces this time:


New skylights above pool, moved the old ones forward, added a couple simple lights to the ceiling, and I tweaked the colors a little more in the Lux internal gui.

Still looking to add more that I’ve mentioned in the previous posts, but here’s a more recent render:


i would really like to swim in this room :wink:
but maybe the light is a bit to bright!?

i would agree that its a little too bright and the brightness of your first two renders was perfect…

Been moving along slowly due to unhappiness with the pool chair designs I’m coming up with. Here’s two slapped in:


looks good, but you need to work more in lights.

What in particular could use some work? For now it’s just the one sun lamp outside.