modern times (WC entry for pain in brain)

(basse) #1

here is my this weekends WC entry, and some variations of it…
I call it “modern times”…

fullsize versions:


(PowerMacG4) #2

Hey I’m feeling the Art work.

(BgDM) #3

Beautiful image basse. Really draws you in and gives a sense of despair for the character. I founf myself staring at this image for a long time. Really pulls you in.


(CurtisS) #4

The first one… definately the first one.

very creepy, very uncomfortable, very cool

(Bentagon) #5

no, not the first one, the second one!!!
the first one is too sharp and the third one is a bit too blurry
very nice art man!

(slikdigit) #6

I like the first and the second.
BTW, I keep looking at these. :o :smiley: :o

(basse) #7

well thank you people. I knew versions would divide opinions. they are different. for the first one, I wanted to have sort of computerish-look. pixels and everything. the second one was meant to be kind of frozen moment, seen through security-cam or something… and the third one is still one step further… it’s a bad quality still picture from vhs tape, recorded by that very same security cam…

this is also one of my rare radiosity-pictures… I messed it up quit a bit, but there is radiosity underneath all that :slight_smile:


(snailrose) #8

Amazing…love it!!!

Great work


(paradox) #9

Creepy and yet cool.

(BaDbOyHeRe) #10

I also have looked at these over and over, great artwork. everything seems to fit togather very well