Modern Wooden Interior

A simple Modern Wooden Interior Design I made in approximately 5 hours
and I would like some critique for it because I’m really looking forward unto getting better. :slight_smile:

All critiques are welcomed!

Instagram Account : @stevieboo_3d

Firstly, a lamp without a chair? This room might need somewhere to sit. Plus, maybe a couple of books in the shelf gives it an idea of what the room is meant to be. A reading room would fit right.

Secondly, I find that large and bright window is pulling the attention away from what should be the center of attention- the wooden interior. I think it would be better off if you try and pull the viewer’s attention to some kind of place in the room.
I think the camera should be rotated towards the right wall a bit, and make that lamp and a chair the center of attention. It appears the left third of the image doesn’t help add to the scene, which is why I recommend having the camera point right.

Finally from me, the outside doesn’t appear natural. The horizon line should be higher up, and I’m not sure where this place is. If it were a birch forest, more trees would help. If that is not what you are trying to show, the removal of the trees or replacing them into a different type could help to give this scene a place in the world.