Modified Nerf gun

So this is my third model ever. First one was the light sabre tutorial, second one a quick and dirty mech and then I wanted to do something from real life. I picked up a nerf gun I had nearby (I had used it in a short film) and started to model. Had I known that softsurface modeling hard surface objects is really, really hard I don�t think I would have done it. But ignorance is bliss and I instead had to learn a lot about subsurf modifier, why ngons are bad, about edgeflow… I had to redo a lot of stuff, just because I had no idea what I was doing at the time. Even though starting over had been a lot easier I considered this a learning experience from start so every problem I had to solve was something to learn from. Spending hour after hour trying to fix triangles and ngons is something that�s just a great learning experience.

Anyway, enough talk about background. Here is the model. It�s not done, there is still some pinching left to solve and some places haven�t seen that much love and attention. My big focus here is not about detail but on making the over all shape. I would love to add some screws and some things that�ll make it look like a real scifi-gun. But I’ll think I will leave it for now and focus on shading and texturing. Also keep in mind that the shading is just a standard diffuse/glossy mix. I just put something on for the render. It would be nice to return to this model and finish it, but my skills have to improve before that. :smiley:

Comments and critique are appreciated. Thank you for looking. :slight_smile: