modified treegen

tree-generator scripts are very popular and I spent a lot of time searching for a good one. I finally found “treegen” by Josef Grunig and adapted it to fit my needs (It’s released under GPL, so I’m allowed to modify it). First, how do you like the images? With some training you could easily make more realistic trees.

My changes were the following:
I removed the presets because I did not have the directory-structure that is needed for it, neither did I find the right textures. Now you select a texture for the stem and one for the leaves with a file-selector. It’s also possible to manually change the size of a leave now.

What do you think of it?

aaah yeah forgot to post the link to the script :smiley:

great work onmoding

;)good work,I will test it…


Me, too.


I get this:
Traceback <most recent call last>
File “Text.001”, line 521 in buttonEvent
File “Text.001”, line 366 in makeTree
IOError: could’nt load image

Also Could you add a header like this:

Name: ‘Treegen_mod v 01’
Blender: 2.42a
Group: ‘Wizards’
Tip: ‘Generate trees via l-system’
Or similar, also for clarity: Try to match the name of the .py file with the name of the actual script.
Eg: ‘Treegen_mod v 01’ = Py file name =Script name =Menu name. Thanks.

thanks for the hints…

I renamed the file from to, the link above should be updated

there should be a header, this one:

Name: 'treegen_mod_01'
Blender: 237
Group: 'Wizards'
Tooltip: 'modified treegen (version 01)'

as far as the image-load error, this is probably not the fault of the script. Try opening the image with blender’s image browser. You should use images that support alpha-saving (like png) for the leaves.

You can find an example image here. Feel free to do with it whatever you like.

Thanks, that looks great,
hopefuly we can start a trend.:smiley:

Thank You qwequ777 !
It’s a good tools. Great result.

This is great thanx for sharing :smiley:

looks nice, have you looked at the bgen 3 script for tree’s. I need a guide through the code as Im just learning python. Could you possibly leave some comments on the code so I know how to manipulate and use it?