Modified Yafray for a CPU usage percentage test
I add some code which belongs to Ashot Oganesyan K to yafray source. This modification carries a CPU usage percentage test. So you will see a movie or play some small games when you are rendering a image.

Download it from, uncompress the files from the package to the original yafray path.
Now you can use XML way in Blender to render a image with 80 percent CPU usage and at the same time see a movie.
Oh, I just have a windows version now :wink:

I think this idea could be added in non-xml way of blender. That will solve the problem that blender seems dead when rendering, and we can also get the partial result.

Contact me at wisitvenita AT, if you are interested in the patch.

First, it is good to see people involved in activities around yafray, thanks for that little project.

well, you can just put a yafray process in lower priority, it is all I do. Then yafray will wait until they are cycles available. This is compatible with modelling tasks for instance.

The really interesting would be a blender hack that allows a render task in low processing priority while you are modelling, all in the same session.

Another good project would be give yafray sources a try with the intel compilers.

Hi, Alvaro

To the current yafray, it is the choice!
But don’t you think it is better when the application could do all of that task for you :smiley:

IMHO, no. Because the OS know a lot better when to spend CPU cycles on which application. Usually, i don’t even have to mess with priorities (okay, having 2 CPUs may help quite a but there…

No idea what the code actually does, but just letting yafray sleep to lower CPU usage won’t help a thing…i don’t see how this help with blender not responding, the reason for that has nothing to do with CPU usage from what i can tell, it’s much more Blender’s main thread waiting until yafray (or blender internal) has finished. And there is no easy way around that, specifically, updates of the render window must not be made by any other thread, as i had to learn the hard way.

Hi, all

According to some tests, I admit that to change the priority gains a better performance than to change the code. Alvaro is right :slight_smile:

I also find a software called Process.exe for Windows system.

You can now download it, and run low.bat when you are rendering, and run normal.bat when rendering is finished.

It is working on both blender and yafray.