Modifier Animation from Blender

Hi all,

I’ve made a basic flag and animated it via using the modifier ‘Wave’ from the Editing -> Modifiers -> Add Modifier button. (The same place you can choose Subsurf, Smooth, Decimate and so on).

Now everything looks great in Blender. However I am trying to import this into my game (I am using the Unity3D engine) and it’s not showing up. I just wanted to ask if anyone else has had any issues using animations from modifiers like this, and exporting successfully with them?

Or alternatively, I -can- get at animations that are made with keyframes and such quite easily, is there a way within Blender, to convert this modifier animation into one of those?

Thanks for any help.


Edit: Just found out that modifier animations are vertex animations and Unity doesn’t support them - so my question now is - is there any way to convert a vertex animation to an armature one? Or am I basically looking at doing this from scratch with armatures?

Someone pointed me to a method whereby you can ‘sample’ animations. For example - and I don’t know if this is possible in Blender - but you can tell something that it’s controlled by something else, so as it moves you get the keyframes you need. Any pointers/links on how I may accomplish this?