Modifier Curve: Unwanted effects

Dear all,

I wish an object to take the shape of a path curve (see image).

To this aim, I apply a modifier Curve to the object (along X or – X).

The object effectively deforms, but it is unexpectedly compressed at the egdes and stretched along the curve.

I change the status of CurveStretch in Curve and Surface with no effect.

Do you know how to proceed to get a correct deformation?

Many thanks for your help

The curve tool has a habit of distorting the mesh… Maybe you would be better of using the ‘Mesh deform’ modifier :slight_smile:

Are you using 2.49? If so, try opening the file in 2.57 instead. There seems to be a glitch in the earlier version that can sometimes produce the sort of thing you are seeing.

Best wishes,

You’re right! I tried in 2.56 and it works fine! Thanks for your suggestion Matthew

Hi Guiseppe, I would like to follow a precise path. Do you think that a mesh deform can allow that ? (I’m a new Blender user, initiated to graphism with 3DS max)