Modifier has no effect on geometry


I got a problem with some imported geometry. A lot of modifiers are not working probably or the are not working at all. I never encountered this problem with blender geometry. I tried to clear custom split normals and even decimated the geometry under cleanup, just to see if something changes. In the particular case i try to use a decimate modifier, but the problem applies to a lot of modifiers, while others are working fine.

I uploaded a file, because it can show my problem way better than I can explain. (Had to zip it, because of the filesize.) (4.6 MB)

It does, here i set the decimate modifier to a ratio of 0.01 and applied it the face count went way down.

The thing is that the original is very high poly (82,587 verts) so you have to use pretty low values to start seeing the difference. After applying the decimate modifier it went down to 874 verts (with ratio at 0.01). If you take it down much further the model will start to distort too much.
The thing is you have to set the slider right down to get a noticeable difference, or type in numeric values

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Always when I moved the slider down the geometry got completely messed up. Looks like I just missed the sweet spot and have to add the numbers very carefully.