modifier? lattice? different in 2.4??

Allright so I know I’m missing something important. There is no documentation I can find on the how to use lattices in the new modifier system…

All I know is that the old lattice system doesn’t work. How do I connect a lattice to an object?

I create the lattice. Parent the object to it. Then hit the modifier key?

Or, I make a modifier >> lattice, and then create a lattice and parent the object??

Or do i make a lattice add a modifier and then link the object somehow??

Very confused… :-?

To have a lattice affect an object, create the lattice, then, assign a lattice modifier to the object you want to be affected. In the modifier textbox named Ob, write the Lattice name, and if you want only part of your model to be affected by the lattice, create a vertex groupm assign weight, and write the vertex group’s name in the field marked by VGroup in the modifier. Same is for the curve modifier.

I’ve never done it and don’t think I am right but I think you are supposed to make your object and your lattice, then add a new latice modifier to your object then put your lattice name in the box… not sure though. Let me know if it works.

PR… I’m just clicking over after reading this but I know it will work…

Thanks it’s the simple info that keeps us moving ahead :smiley:

Kewl - good luck with whatever your doing

Yup… worked Great, and way less messy than the old system… Thanks again!!