Modifier List 1.4.2

“Always delete the gizmo object when applying or removing a modifier. When off, the gizmo object is deleted only when holding shift”, says the tooltip.

Could be nice to be able to delete the gizmos when you’re deleting the object but unfortunately that’s not possible to code in a reasonable way.

To the second question: No, it’s not possible, I didn’t add a setting for it.

Is it possible to add such a setting?

Perhaps at some point.

Very nice and helpful addon, but there are 2 flaws that prevent me from fully using it!

1.) there is a bug , when adding a Multires Modifier:

So unable to use this Modifier, because no settings available.

2.) If I add a Particle System, there is no “Convert to” in the Modifier settings, which converts the particle system into a Mesh.

Btw. I use Blender 2.8 rc1, but it also doesn’t works with the daily beta builds.

The bsmax addon do this very well with the primitives parameter!

@tibor81 Thanks for the report!

Modifier List 1.3.1

  • Fixed Multiresolution modifier missing its layout (fabulous work by me on resolving a merge conflict…)
  • Fixed Particle System modifier missing “Convert” button
  • Fixed the following modifiers still having operators that don’t work:
    • Corrective Smooth
    • Data Transfer (“Generate Data Layers” doesn’t work perfectly though: it’s not automatic, it opens a menu instead),
    • Explode,
    • Hook,
    • Ocean,
    • Skin
  • Added the missing button that changes Properties Editor’s tab for simulation modifiers that use it (for Properties Editor)
  • Fixed the regular UI not being restored when disabling the addon

Btw, I realised that any warnings a modifier might show are not shown. That would be good to improve in the future.


Thank You! Works flawlessly now.

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Very useful add-on, thanks for developing and sharing, much appreciated. :+1:

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I keep reading that as “BullShitMax”. :grin:

I love this addon for all the great stuff it bring to blender!

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Maybe this has been asked before. Sorry in that case…

Could it be possible to insert a modifier above a selected modifier in the list? So if you’ve got a modifier activated in the list, then a new modifier would be placed above its position in the stack.

This’d be very convenient for not having to click a number of times to get an added modifier from the end of the stack to a desired position.


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This is really awesome! I agree this should be how Blender is by default, at the very least!

One bug I noticed, is you can hold Shift to add the Gizmo on a Vert, to Mirror for example.
But if I do it on an Edge, it places the gizmo to the center of the mesh.

Also if you select multi verts, it goes to center, instead of the average vert position.


Thats a good suggestion, certainly I can add that (at some point). Unfortunately, though, it’s not possible to add a modifier to a certain point in the stack directly. The addon will just use the “Modifier Move Up” operator similary to how you would manually do, which can be slow on heavy meshes. Not any slower than if you would manually move the modifier, though, but it would have been nice to be able to make it faster… I’ll add it to my To Do list.



Placing the gizmo to an edge or to the average vertex location is not supported currently. I can add that in the future. For now, you can hold shift when you press the “Add Gizmo” button to add it to the location of the cursor.


Thanks @Symstract! The necessary workaround to achieve the modifier repositioning would be no problem for me.

I must admit that my jaw just dropped down. This addon is fantastic! I was missing this very thing that is auto-gizmo for modifiers for a long time (3ds max got this and it’s great). Thank you for this.

Now only thing I am missing now is Uvw box map modifier so I could get auto gizmo to that aswell :)( or add this auto gizmo to Uvw sure box map addon :smiley: ).

By the way can’t believe that first version of this addon was released early 2018 and I didn’t notice that until now. That makes me wonder, what if this forum has some kind of vote system to make some topics sticky or that would pop up in some special section like for example “usefull sticky addons” or something like that? I cannot stalk news on a main page all day so I can easily miss a lot of interesting stuff.

Yup. I even went as far as developing my own. Mine had the 3ds max style modifiers list, but didn’t have the cool gizmo functions. Oh, the hours wasted.

@Fallirini, @dpdp

Thanks for for the nice words.

dpdp: Sorry I didn’t say anything, I’m always too shy to advertise my work… Beacause I saw there was some discussion in devtalk.

Hi @Symstract, I’m using Pablo Dobarro’s Sculpt Mode Features builds. It’s got a new version of the Remesh modifier — created by @scorpion81 — which features an OpenVDB voxel mode where you can add operands to the modifiers. I discovered that the operand rollouts are not visible when Modifier List is activated. I thought to let you know, although I don’t know if this is something you can fix.

Hmm, the addon seems to correctly display the operand rollouts if you add for example an operand prior to activating the addon. Just the

bpy.ops.remesh.csg_move_up and

operators either dont get invoked / executed properly or for some reason the UI redraw fails (not sure)

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@Metin_Seven, @scorpion81

The issue is that when you use the regular UI, the modifier gets passed to operators automatically. But in this case, it has to be passed manually.

For example,

row.operator(“remesh.csg_move_up”, text="", icon=“TRIA_UP”).index = i

has to be changed to this:

csg_move_up = row.operator(“remesh.csg_move_up”, text="", icon=“TRIA_UP”)
csg_move_up. modifier = “modifier name”
csg_move_up.index = i

So yea, I can make it work by using a custom layout for this modifier in the sculpt branch. But the downside is that if eg. a new button would be added, you wouldn’t see that button because it wouldn’t be in the custom layout (until I update that). I’m already doing that with several other modifiers but this is probably more likely to change than the others? Maybe I should just add some warning and keep an eye for possible changes.

I’ll add this to my To Do list for the next version (which I should start developing at some point…).