Modifier List 1.5.1

Not currently.

Great update! I have no feature requests or bugs to report, just wanted to say thanks!


Modifier List 1.5.1

  • Fixed wrong modifier menu columns in Blender 2.82 due to the new Weld modifier

Bug report:
Great addon. Works without a problem in general but I think I managed to break it :slight_smile:
Please see attached file.
modifiers_bug.blend (665.1 KB)
In this file only, modifiers always appear in reverse order, no matter how I set up the addon (even after restarting blender).

Windows 10 64bit
Blender version: 2.81a official release (zip)
Modifier List version: 1.5 and 1.5.1

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into that after Christmas.


Thanks, please do!

I don’t know whether this has anything to do with Modifier List or not but you have this setting on:

Turning that off will change the order back to the default.


Oh! That must be the reason. Thanks!

@Symstract: I can’t believe I skipped this thread started already in Feb !
These holidays are full of such a big presents for me :slight_smile:

This addon was on my wish list for so many years.
(It’s a shame, that devs didn’t get conclusion to implement a modifier list until these days. Even for unifying GUI system -like material- reason.)

Thank you for your work.

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Hey, loving the add-on, great work! I just have one suggestion that would speed up my workflow and maybe others.

When adding a new modifier by selecting from the menu the add-on jumps to the new one which is great so I can start editing it straight away. But when using a keyboard shortcut to add a new one the add-on doesn’t know to jump to it so I have to scroll down and click on the latest one.

Do you think this would be a possible feature you could add? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Do you mean subdiv modifier shortcuts like Ctrl + 1 etc.? I should probably create a custom operator for that which would also set the list index. It might be that users would need to manually switch the shortcuts to use this new operator, though.

Thanks for feedback!

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me Symstract. Yeah Ctrl + 1, etc but also several custom shortcuts I have set for Bevel, Boolean, Mirror, etc. When I use them it won’t auto switch to it. I’m not sure if them being custom shortcuts make things harder? I just assumed when a new modifier is added whatever the method, it would switch to it. It’s one extra click though so not a huge issue, but just a small suggestion in case you fancied a challenge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been using the addon a few days now and it is a definite improvement over the default system so thanks for the effort. :slight_smile:

When you add a modifier from e.g. the menu above the modifier list, it uses a custom operator which sets the index. By using a custom operator, also other extra features have been possible to add. If you add a modifier using the regular operator, the index doesn’t update.

But you can add shortcuts from the menu and that will work.

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I understand now and that has helped me solve it. I changed my shortcuts to run your custom operators instead of the default Blender ones for Bevel, Boolean, etc and the index updates perfectly as expected. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Don’t really have any questions or anything. Just wanted to comment and say that I have been using this add-on for months now. Wanted to give my thanks to the creator and that I think it is fantastic. I hope baseline Blender will make this the actual design in the future. :partying_face:


hey, thanx for the great addon. very useful in long modifier lists. one obvious wish, and i dont know if it has been posted before, but still: it would be very handy if we could change modifier order in list with simple drag and drop. is there a blender limitation for it?


I made a patch, however it has limited functionality currently, only works in the modifier panel.

Also Blender doesn’t have a functionality to move modifier to a certain location, only in steps, so the patch does it automatically, but it’s still just as slow as clicking the button multiple times.

I’m not currently developing the patch, so if anyone wants to pick it up, they are more than welcome.


So obviously i’m using it by default on all projects. Very handy. Minor improvement i could think of would be the text in search bar is keeped as you select another object, which isn’t bad by itself, very handy when you need to assign same modifier to multiple objects, but as you click on it it and hit enter, it gets cleared so you would still have to type it.
So i thought the text in search bar should be cleared as you go to another objects, because it’s kind of misleading the way it is now. Or it could not get cleared on enter to assign the modifier you already have typed.

Again, very useful addon, blender should have it by default. Just my thoughts on minor improvement.

Instead of enabling the checkbox from the addon setup, wouldn’t be a better option to let the user apply all modifiers but the hidden ones when you keep pressed Alt (or Shift or Ctrl) while clicking on the “apply all” button?

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Totally this I was just about to request this one myself.