Modifier List 1.6

Wow, awesome stuff! I was hitting issues in 2.9 alpha today and now all is well :smiley:

Would it be possible to add a pref in future/next release, that lets you turn OFF any new modifiers from displaying in Edit Mode? Like turn off Bevel or SubSurf/etc from showing while you go into Edit? Or do you consider that out of scope for this addon?

Thank you!

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Is there a way to have hotkey for Apply modifier?
I don’t like drag and drop and new modifiers layout in 2.90 but hotkeys feature is really nice.

I wish I could see the full modifier stack just like default blender…plz make it a toggle able option…rest all the stuff is amazing in this addon keep up the good work

Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of this add-on? I thought the purpose here was so clean up the modifier stack so it wasn’t showing a cluster of every modifier you have.


that modifier stack helps us to adjust the values of multiple modifiers just by scrolling.up and down the stack …rest all is great in this addon…the search bar is truly great…That’s y I said a toggle able option for the default and the new one

Would it be possible to add another modifier key holding feature when holding alt and scrolling up and down (or clicking arrow up/down) it would move active modifier up and down in the stack?

Maybe in the future.

So the show_in_editmode setting would be turned off by default? Sound reasonable if that’s what you mean.

It’s not possible currently.

So that there would be no list? But the name is literally “Modifier List” :smiley: I don’t think I’ll add the that option, I’m sorry. The gizmo (control object) stuff wouldn’t work very well then because I can’t add custom things into the regular modifier layouts. It would, however, be good to be able to select multiple modifiers and see them at the same time. But that’s not possible to do.

You can add shortcuts for object.ml_modifier_move_up and object.ml_modifier_move_down under the Property Editor section.

Alt + Wheel conflicts with timeline by default, though.


Yeah, the show in edit mode thing. So am not seeing subSuf displaying in Edit or Bevel Modifier/results if don’t want to. :smiley:

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Fantastic addon. I’ve got a question regarding a feature that would make my life so much easier.
Is it possible to add an option to keep instances synchronized? Essentially, have the tool synchronize modifiers after every change I make, be it adding new modifiers, changing modifier values or applying a modifier.


I don’t think it’s technically possible. Could be useful of course.

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Hello, what color is used for these icons? (theme is Red Platinum from devtalk thread)

They are hard to read with light colored themes:

Built in light theme is bit better but there are problems in others places (white buttons)

I think convention is to use inverted color only for first icon in selected line, rest are use standard color (like in vertex color panel):


EDIT: I found black / white icons toggle in preferences and feel very dumb now. Still, I can’t get them looking consistent since some icons grab their color from theme settings and some from addon preferences:

Can you make all icons use values from addon preferences or theme settings?

First of all thank you for the effort put into this addon, it is quite a rare sight to see developers incorporate user feedback to such an extent. :+1:
As per custom in this thread, this addon should definitely be the default.

I have a few feature requests as well, excuse me if these are redundant, I have yet to install the addon when I have access to my PC again:

  1. I really miss the “toggle end result” button from 3ds Max, perhaps this could be included? It may be nice to add a marker in the stack and everything above the marker would be toggled with this button, or at least something along those lines. It’s much easier to preview the end result with a single button (which also disables subdivision surface display and/ or mirrors).
  2. In Max you can use a shortcut to delete the last modifier in the stack, so you don’t have to select the modifier to delete it.
  3. Also from Max: to edit modifier gizmos there is a subobject mode, while this is probably not the best solution to copy 1 on 1 in terms of UI, I think it may be nice to have similar functionality through a shortcut to toggle gizmo editing (the created empty) with the associated modifier preselected. The modifier could then change colour to show it is in gizmo editing mode. Pressing the shortcut again would exit out gizmo editing.
  4. I have read about shortcuts to move modifiers, what about shortcuts to move through the modifier?
  5. If possible, the option to save presets to a modifier in the favourites section. This could entail Mirror with preset planes, for instance.