Modifier Popup Panel (list view, search, favourites...)


(Symstract) #1

Hi everyone!

This is my first addon (that’s more than a macro) and also my first post here. Main motivation for this addon is to have the ability to see and adjust modifiers in full screen mode. But I think this popup is handy anyway. I also think this kind of list view is neater than the way the regular modifier panel works (and I know i’m not the only one who thinks so). There is a version for both 2.79 and 2.8, but future development will happed only for 2.8.

I hope some of you find this addon useful. Let me know what you think!

Download from here

Modifier Popup Panel


  • List view of modifiers. Default list size can be set in addon preferences.

  • Modifier search

  • Modifier menu

  • Favourite modifiers which can be set in addon preferences

  • Ability to apply modifiers in edit mode (kind of). The apply operator acts as a macro when used in edit mode and automatically switches to object mode, applies the modifier and switches back to edit mode.

  • Modifier batch operators from built-in Modifier Tools add-on (when that addon is enabled)


In 2.8, default hotkey is alt + space. In 2.79, it’s space. In keymap editor, you can find it under 3D View -> 3D View (Global) -> Modifier Popup Panel.

Future ideas

  • Add tabs and add useful modifier related things inside them. E.g. vertex group list.

  • Make radial arrays easier to create and edit

Known issues and limitations

  • List doesn’t remember it’s size when it’s resized. Popups are not really ment for this kind of stuff, so that’s a limitation of Blender.

  • Modifier search and modifier menu always display all modifiers, even when all of them are not applicable to the type of the active object. Maybe I will change that in a future release.

  • Picking an object from viewport is not possible. A limitation of popups. Hopefully that could be possible at some point because that applies also to the driver editor popup. We’ll see.

List of addons that work with 2.8
Blender Favorite Modifiers Add-on
(Zimlorog) #2

Very cool!

Would it be possible to add a section for adding/removing/modifying Vertex Groups, as well as Edge weighting/sharpening? Since a lot of modifiers use these to influence their behavior?

Either way, more popups for helping to work in full screen is great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Symstract) #3

@Zimlorog Thanks!

I will add a new tab for handling vertex groups and bevel weights + edge creases at some point. Maybe I could also add edge groups for managing weights and creases like this addon does:

(Symstract) #4

I updated the releases on Github. They now have a proper .zip that should install without problems if it didn’t install before.

(z01ks) #5

Beautiful! This is like a good redesign for the modifiers panel. I always thought it was a pain to even change the order of modifiers in the default interface, cause you kinda lose track of the order every time you click the up and down arrows. I had a poor man’s version of what this add-on does made with the Pie Menu Editor, but I will definitely try this one out. Thanks!


I love this! Thank You!
An Idea: Options for Add-on Tab. ( in addon preferences )

(Symstract) #7

@z01ks @COB-666 Thanks!

Putting this into sidebar should be easy and I have considered that. Maybe it would make this addon more useful also for users that don’t care about popups. Also, there this wouldn’t have the restrictions of a popup. I will propably add the option in a future (next?) release. Maybe I also need to rename this then. :smiley:


Awesome! Thanks. :slight_smile:

I noticed two bugs…
1.) Doesn’t save the changed hotkey.
2.) “Pick object” ( mirror modifier for example ) is not working.


Same for me with the hotkey. But I managed to change it in prefs>Keymap

(Symstract) #10


Thanks for reporting but these issues are not actually specific to this addon.

  1. Seems to be a bug in 2.8:

Sidebar version wouldn’t suffer from this.

(noki paike) #11

so guys, until this bug is fixed, is not there a way to disable this addon from the space bar use?

in the end I need it with “alt + spacebar” …
ok I guess that for the moment I edit the code manually :)))

I do not know if it is a bug of this addon, but doing a search among the “spacebar” shortcuts I discovered that this addon had created more shorcut with the same works, probably pressing several times previously to try to change the shortcut …

I realized it because once I modified the code adding manually “alt + spacebar”, the addon continued to be mapped even on “spacebar” …

(Symstract) #12


I uploaded a new release for 2.8. Now alt + space is the default hotkey. I also disabled the ability to modify it in addon preferences for now to avoid problems.

In keymap editor, it can be found under 3D View -> 3D View (Global) -> Modifier Popup Panel.


Wait for tab. :stuck_out_tongue:

(urkokul) #14

Good work. Thanks