Modifier stacks

I want to know more on the modifier stacks. The tutorails are confusing and I’m lost most of the time. Especially with the new Array modifier I can’t make it curve like I want to. I’ve seen some of the tutorials on it and I have to use the curve modifier and subsurf in combination with the Array. The thing is the object I make doesn’t want to fit the shape of the curve.

As you see the object doesn’t fit the curve’s shape just the lenghth.

Subdivide the object so it has a place to bend.

what fo you mean by subdivide it.

go to edit buttons mesh panel… in edit mode of object TO BE BENT not the curve… select all verts and press subdivide… or you can press w --> subdivide with verts selected …

Okay the thing is before you told me this I had gone ahead. What the problem really is that the modifier stacks won’t go in the order I want them too. See in order to make a water faucet I used the array modifier and the curve deform modifier. The problem was that everytime I selected the curve modifier it would go on top, it wouldn’t go on the botton. Even when I tried to change the order. If someone has any suggestions please tell me. Oh yeah one more thing what are hooks and how do I access them?


Note: As the Curve modifier can’t be after Array in the modifier stack at present, the Array modifier was applied (i.e. the “Apply” button was pressed) before the curve was added in the bridge image. I am hoping to upgrade the modifier stack to remove this restriction in the near future.

Yes, the current modifier stack doesn’t allow modifiers to be in an arbitrary order. I’m working on an upgrade to remove this restriction and make modifiers better; you can read a bit about it at

Oh yeah one more thing what are hooks and how do I access them?

Hooks allow individual vertices of an object to be parented to another object. See

Hey thanks will the new upgrade be posted on the blender website? If not where would it be found

There are some builds available at