Modifiers for sculpting

Ok so i am aware of 2 very useful modifiers that make sculpting really easy. Multi-resolution and Mirror. However, the two dont really like each other for me…

How do you set up a mesh so that you can sculpt in Multi-res AND have it mirror for symmetry?

In sculpt mode there is a Symmetry panel in the toolbar.


For multi-res–> Modifiers–>multi Resolution
For mirror -----> Symmetry(In Tool shelf “T”) in sculpt mode

I saw this right when LP posted and ive been using it sense, thanks! Very nifty.

Edit: Also, im watching this video:

for inspiration and general techniques on the different features and one thing i just noticed is the level of detail he has at his multi-res. Is there a setting to enhance this? His mesh looks so smooth and its only sub-div level 2. My mesh is sub-div level 5 and its no where near that smooth looking.

Smooth shading.

In object mode Tool Panel > Object Tools > Shading

In edit mode Tool Panel > Mesh Tools > Shading (or Key-W special menu) to smooth or flat shade selected faces only.


Awesome, thanks!