Modifiers make my blender crash

Whenever I apply modifiers to my mesh, my blender crashes and all my efforts go in vain. Please help me with that

Can you share a little more information? What version of Blender? Which modifiers? What are the settings of the modifiers you are trying to apply? If Blender crashes, it may be memory related, so how many tris are in the object you are trying to apply modifiers to? What are your computer’s specifications? What have you already done to try and fix the problem? Have you been able to apply modifiers without Blender crashing in the past?

I use blender 2.79 32 bit . I applied bevel ,subdivision ,mirror modifiers to my meshes that I created . I increased the value of view to very high in subdivision. My pc has 4 gb ram , 512 gb storage. In the past whenever I applied modifiers , every time blender crashed . So I thought until I get new pc I will make low poly meshes without modifers.