Modifiers not working or buggy?

Thanks for all the help guys really finding tricks to make my workflow convert to blender!

Some odd interactions learning the f2 addon for retopo which is rather good! but too do so need a shrink map + Mirror modifiers which upon alot of testing mirroring manually and the modifier seem to play by different rules an the shrink wrap wont even do anything too the already modified mesh, is this due too adding them later in the workflow?

An example of my old workflow.

In Maya i normally would do one side with it off then “Mirror -Z merge 0.5cm” So the faces in the center would line up perfectly.

The problem is that the mirror modifier is mirroring from the origin of your retopologised object and you have its origin off centre of the original head.
presuming you have the original heads origin in its centre, in object mode select the head and hit “shift S” -“Cursor to selected”.
Then select your retopo object and go to the “object menu” - set origin - origin to 3d cursor.
It should fix your issue.

somehow my head had moved anyway which is odd mhm, but is the problem this red thing? the Axis is at 0.0.0 but that red/white thing im not sure if thats what ya mean :o

I do not mean the position of the object in the 3d world. I refer to the origin of the object, in your screen shot (front view) you can see a little orange dot under the eye, that is your objects origin and is the origin used by the mirror modifier.

The “red thing” is the 3d cursor and is not the problem, it is a reference point that can be used in many ways.
It can be part of the solution as you can align it to your heads origin and then move the retopo object’s origin to it, as I described before.

Arg yer the origin point, mhm well i can manually move that an fix it like i did before but i cant use like exact maths to get it to 0 without another mesh? Or could i spawn something like a cube in thats at 0,0,0 an take the info from that?

Might this also be why the shrink wraps not working on my mesh?

Try what I said :
in object mode select the original head and hit “shift S” -“Cursor to selected”.
Then select your retopo object and go to the “object menu” - set origin - origin to 3d cursor.

It should fix your issue as long as the origin of your character is in its center.

The origin point for my mesh is at its feet for scaling uniformly, as this comes from Zbrush. So assuming i cant do that an cant move the origin point with exact numbers guess its best to start over with a mirror applied too the root object first?

It should not mater that the origin is at the feet as long as it is centred (left to right).

What would you call the object menu, the hierarchical menu? or is it a different select function inside blender maybe thats the term im misunderstanding here, half the battles been finding what ever things named haha

i got it too 000 and its still a tad off. Mhmmm

Argg ye okay thats what i did to get it to 0,0,2.5 which the 2.5 is in the Z so should not have a say in its place and its still off by a sizable amount.

Make sure that the origin of your original head is in its centre (left to right “x axis”)
and make sure that your character is centred to the world (0,0,0)

So i set the whole character back to the origin point, and its laying in the Y direction with everything at 0 location rotation ect. Im wondering if its due too Zbrush using Y as an upwards direction like maya. Looks almost ike a sarcofigus haha

Had to transform them Manually back too 0 as the item menu seemed too only effect one thing at a time :o

Yes Blender uses z up. you can rotate your character to the correct rotation and then “apply” the rotation.
Object menu - apply - rotation.

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Ye seems the rotation of the original points coming from Zbrush was the issue, so something to keep in mind when bringing stuff in from there.

Ill give fixing the shrinkwrap a fix now by making afew test masks on the new changed location.

It also looks like you have a large offset value in your shrinkwrap modifier.

Oww i deleted it so the distance i think again was from the disparacy from the origial axis, both are at 90 degrees but not 100% sure whats making it jetty so far forward to manually moving it into place an will set a new location to make them avragly the same.

Looking at the first image you posted I note that you do not have a target set for the shrinkwrap modifier (you must have accidentally unset it) also you have an offset of -6cm which is a lot.
Basically your problem is that the origin of your retopo object has to be in the exact centre (X axis) of your heads geometry.

Ye original had it set too head and then 0.5 it seems to be working better now iv applied the rotation too both objects. Not sure if thats really a fix or i just managed to get the manual placement alright haha, but learned alot of things to keep an eye out for atlest!