modifiers / screen splitting

aloha blender communiy!

is it possible in blender to make - with a split screen - to make one with a modifier and the other one without?

for example - two front views - one view shown with the modifier on, the other one without

Not unless working with two different meshes. Meshes are solid bodies and are treated as such. If you want to do that you need a smaller mesh to join with that.

that would be a lot of work… maybe some script constructors can have it in mind when realeasing 2.9?

i luv u

What would be the reason for this, just to clarify what you are trying to accomplish?

Can try this:

make a linked duplicate of your object (Alt+D)
place both objects on a different layer
give only 1 object the modifiers
split windows, unlock the layers (button next to layer buttons) & in every window view a different layer

one of the ideas would be to apply subsurf modifier, but only to be seen in one view, and still edit the mesh on the “clear” model. i will try the trick with layers and duplicates.

Hmm, seems a lot of work for just that. Since you can toggle the subsurf modifier on/of with a simple shortcut (Ctrl +0, Ctrl+1, etc)