so i have just finished repoto my model…and im trying to applies my modifiers (MIRROR, SURBDIVISION AND SHIRKWRAP)

The problems is the model looks horrible after i apply the modifiers …in any particular other

This image is what my modifier stack looks like and how the model appears

In this image the shrinkwrap modifier has been applied( I moved it to the top before applying ) You can see the difference in the model .

ANy Help??`

A screenshot of the problem might help. “Horrible” is not a very precise technical term :wink:

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You probably don’t need to apply Subdivision.

What’s your modifier stack look like?

Isn’t it a problem with setting the center axis of the MIRROR object…

I have just edited my post to add the relevant images and descriptions

Kindly have a lot at them :slight_smile:

i edited my previous post to add the images
kindly have a look

The problem is the order of your stack.

In the top image, shrinkwrap is below the subdiv. So what Blender does - in that order - is it Mirrors the mesh, subdivides the mesh, and then shrinkwrap’s the mesh. Blender sees a higher resolution mesh than what you truly have.

If you move the shrinkwrap above subdiv, then it will mirror, shrinkwrap, and then subdiv, which is what you have now.

generally you don’t want the subdiv in the stack first, because you’ll end up with a very dense mesh, which defeats the point of retopo-ing the mesh. The solution is simply to add more geometry to your retopo. Just enough that it hugs the original shapes a little closer.


There is the option to use multires instead of subdiv. I’m not going to explain multires in this post but you could have mirror, multires, shrinkwrap then apply shrinkwrap and it will keep the details of the shrinkwrap.

it worked

I want to add onto yogyog’s suggestion: when retopologizing, at the end you want multires instead of subdivision so that the shape is properly preserved when you apply shrinkwrap. However, multires is incompatible with edit mode, so I advise using subdivision while retopologizing, assuming you want to be able to preview the subdivided retopology in edit mode.

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