I was daydreaming and modeling, and I thought to myself how the modifier stack works on Object level, and the materials work on Mesh level. I was wondering if it would be possible to modify Blender to enable the modifiers at mesh level, allowing the combination of two meshes into one object, each with different modifiers, like multiple subdivisions or separated mirror or array modifiers,etc.
I put this query here, so i wouldn’t tick off the body of big thinkers - just hoping to get some input on ‘why not’ or an encouraging ‘why maybe’. I bring this up because what got me started thinking was how the oops schematic in the outliner window was aranged, and began visioning this as a mesh node tree :slight_smile:
Okay, it’s late and I’m a little silly right now :):smiley:


My first thought was that currently, 7 of the 15 modifiers can be applied to a vertex group, so perhaps it is possible to add vertex group capability to the others.
This wouldn’t help when joining objects, so I guess it would be a benefit to have this capability. On the other hand, I notice that when I join to objects, vertex groups are carried along, although if two objects have a vertex group with the same name, they merge into one vertex group by the same name.

I can see benefits to either one, but being able to keep the modifier when joining seems to offer a bigger benefit.

Thanks, OBI_RON, I thought my head was in the right vein. Thinking of it again, it would be nice to see if this were possible, especially for those individuals looking to differentiate subdivision levels inside an object. I was even thinking it would be interesting to have two.
I still think I was a little silly, but maybe it would benefit someone who is creative and skilled with code. I still have yet to understand how python works :slight_smile: