modify a cube with python


I am learning pyhton scripting… I have a cube and i want to scale or rotate the edges, it can be done in the 3d space. but if i want to do the same with help of a script, then how to do?

please do suggest a good site to learn python for blender. I am currently studing the wiki site for python…

thanks in advance…

Check out the Blender Python API intro ( This is where I started learning the scrpiting stuff.

For the scaling/rotation/translation, take a look in the Object module/Object class (go here). I find the get/setEuler(), get/serMatrix() commands to be the ones I use most often.

Hope this gets your started.

As for the orientationn matrix, check out this thread. There is a link to a nice tut on the use of the orientation matrix.


hi cosmas,

Thanks for the links… i will check them out…