Modify Animation Created by using Follow Path Constraint

Anybody know how I can modify the animation created when setting a curve up as a motion path via the Graph editor or the Dope sheet? I see the animation in the NLA but I can’t grab it and slide it around. Thanks for any help.

Generally I would animate the object alone the path by using either keyframes or drivers on the Offset-Factor variable of the Follow Path constraint. If I use keyframes (values from 0 to 1 represent proportionality from start to end of the curve) I would use the graph editor in F-Curve mode, where I can move, scale or alter the keyframe points or F-curve properties/modifiers. If I use drivers, I use the graph editor in Driver mode (press n to see the drivers themselves if necessary), where I can edit them or add modifiers, etc.

Does this help? if not can you be more specific about what you are trying to do.

Cheers. Clock.

I’m trying to do basically what you described. I’ve set up an object and a path. I’ve added Follow Path Constraint to the object and clicked “Animate Path,” button in the Follow Path Constraint settings. Now I’d like to access the keyframes somewhere so I can adjust when the follow path sequence starts and adjust the overall number of frames. I tried adding drivers via follow path constraints, and now I can see and move them in the dope sheet, but the object continues to begin it’s animation sequence at frame zero, even when I move the start key frames in the dope sheet. Same thing via Graph Editor. Still missing a concept. Thx for the help.

More specifically, I’m trying to do some camera fly around. Here’s a decent workaround:
Parent camera to an invisible cube, point camera a cube. Works like a backward boom.

What wonderful things empties are - as you have just discovered and that is exactly what they are there for. I use a lot of empties to move meshes around and to use as “Track To” objects.

The animation will ALWAYS begin at your start frame number. Bear in mind that you can change this if required. If you want MOVEMENTS to start at frame 50, Keyframe the object at its stationary or rest position at frame 1 (if this is indeed the start frame) then keyframe it at frame 50 in the same position - then add your other keyframes for the movement. If you then decide you want your movements to start at frame 60, simply go to the Graph Editor - F-curve Mode and select all but the first keyframe at position 1 (you can use a box here and the a key, just the same at in 3D view) then key " g x 10 Return" (without the quotes; meaning Grab, X axis, 10 units) this will then move all the selected keyframes 10 positions higher. You will find that for camera work it is often advisable to put a “Track To” constraint on the camera and then simply move the target object (use an empty) around to reposition the eye-line of the camera. Don’t forget you can also keyframe the position of the camera.

Cheers. Clock.