Modify inserted object

Hello, newbie user here. I used to use Softimage XSI so I am used to inserting a brand new object and then being able to modify the number of edges before I start using it further.

Can this be done in Blender or do I have to delete edges to create a low poly cyclinder? (spent 10 minutes last night reducing something like 21 edges down to 8 for a character’s leg last night.)

I’m using Blender 2.93 on a Mac and on a PC

Hello aphil, welcom to the blender world! :slight_smile:

Check out the decimate modifier: when added to your mesh it autmatically collapses some vertices. Afterwards you can either keep the modifier (nondestructive) or apply it.

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Thank you! I need to get used to the modifier panel so this is a good start. Can I stipulate the number of edges / vertices when I apply the modifier?

The collapse mode of the decimate modifier has a ratio - a percentage - value. There are other settings and modes as well:

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just read about the cleanup tool available in edit mode: