Modify Model - Detach Function

Hello all,

It’s my first time working with Blender, as models found for Unity Engine came “glued” to each other. These are high polygons 3D models (in images) as each “product” consist of polygons, downloaded from CGAXIS. My mission here is to break the model into separate units = meshes = products, as my final goal is to be able to “pick” each unit. Please share your ideas on this one. What’s should be my plan? Can blender work for such a task? Possible workflow?

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In what way do you mean they “are glued to each other”? Do you mean that they look to be separate meshes put together in a single object, or are they modeled together? In either case, you can break these apart in Blender, but the difficulty is determined by how the models are made in the first place. Without seeing the actual mesh, this would be hard to tell.

If the seperate pieces are not directly connected to eachother by vertices … you can select all the mesh in edit mode, press P and then select the option to seperate by loose parts. This will make all parts of the mesh a unique object.

Alternatively, you can select each individual piece one at a time and press P and then click seperate by selection if you need to do them one at a time.

If all of the mesh is all one piece, i.e products are attached to the shelving by verts and edges, then it could be a more complicated task to perform a successful seperation